BPO Secrets and 2017 Nationwide BPO Super List

This is a great guide on how to structure your business for doing large scale Broker Price Opinions. Included are some really hard to find vendor appilcation NOT available online..Can you get similiar stuff anywhere else? Yes - But ALL profits go to St.Jude Childrens Hospital. ( Or email me a receipt of your donation and I will STILL send it you to anyway) If you dont want to help kids I don't think we are good match to work together anyway...If you request a refund ATX STILL donates that money so the kids DO win...LIST is emailed to you in 48 Hours. Let me know if you aren't doing more than 500 BPO orders a month and we can work together to get you there. Some will find it useful that actually do this business others will not and NO Warranty is being made here within

8 PDF, 1 XLSX and 1 DOCX
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