Secrets to Help You Launch A Startup And Find Investors for any Idea in 2018

Do You Have a Great Idea and Want to Launch a Startup?

I'm a consultant and have advised many entrepreneurs, including many companies that have actually been on SharkTank. If you're interested in learning more about startups, launching a product, getting in touch with investors, venture capitalists, elevator pitches, etc - then this gig is for you.

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• Startup investors list, including 580+ investors, personal emails, and submission links to their LinkedIn profiles.

• A comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to launch a brand new startup, validate your idea, find co-founders, build the right team, get investors on board, etc.

* North American Angel Investors List
• Templates for different business agreements and scenarios that you may encounter

And much more!

Startup types: eCommerce, social platforms, apps, websites, physical products, SaaS.

If you believe in your business idea, and think the masses would enjoy it, then this gig will show you how to make it happen (every step of the way).


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This startup kit includes everything that you need to launch a startup and find investors:

  • Startup investor contacts
  • Guide on how to develop & launch a startup, test your idea, raise funding etc.
  • Accelerators list & templates for legal documents
  • Pitch deck and executive summary template
  • Media advice
  • Sponsorship contacts + many more materials, exclusive tips & handpicked online articles.

The same materials helped multiple clients launch successful companies and raise millions in funding.

Let me save you days of research and months of testing different strategies. If you are not satisfied with our kit, I will give you a full refund.

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